Meta-Layer Cloud Types (Multi-Layered Clouds)

Started by WAS, November 05, 2018, 01:26:54 AM

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Here is some more work on multi-layered clouds. This time trying to mock a few types of clouds.

I hope some of you can help me test this file. Maybe new seeds, higher resolution, etc. I wait a pretty good minute for decent quality previews to really distinguish things.

The goal of this is to have a drop-in cloud layer(s) that distributes nicely, has multiple types of clouds at different alts, and bring it all together with a touch of haze. To that effect the default haze was lowered to 0.25 in the atmosphere.

Right now it's two cloud layers to incorporate some haze with depth, as haze in the v3 layer is super slow, but could totally be done. Though I don't think the calculations and render time are worth it for the end-result.


Looks good. I may have a go with these, but there's a problem with the second tgd download.


Quote from: Dune on November 05, 2018, 01:32:46 AM
Looks good. I may have a go with these, but there's a problem with the second tgd download.

Weird, try again? You posted real quick so maybe it was right as I literally posted it (it was an edit like the third one just now) and something with the cache of the download system (if any, but I doubt it on this old system)

Also, this setup could possibly be used with a v2, global coverage with a third mask for the distribution masks and much larger scales to create global clouds. Maybe some warping.


Yeah, works now. Maybe I was a millisecond after you posted  :P


Haha awesome.

I realized I did not setup the duplicated surface layer for the last meta-layer for the base clouds, so here is a fix and minor edit for the first WIP and another WIP.

Edit: Added one more for the night. I'm rendering this one in the Salt Flats scene to see how it looks. It may fit the scene nicely. I adjusted the sharpness and tried to simulate harder edges and softer edges.


Global clouds using this method apparently may not be possible. The meta-layers just break the v2 clouds lol Going to try a rebuild from scratch with v2 see if it fixes whatever the issue is.


Got a rough draft for global clouds of multiple types into a single cloud layer.

Low quality render so it's rough. MPD 0.2 AA 2.