WASasquatch's Nightsky & Moon

Started by WAS, May 05, 2018, 02:19:33 AM

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Quote from: WASasquatch on May 05, 2018, 02:19:33 AM
Something for the community. This is my nightsky and moon with lunar bloom. I did not add a horizon fade to the nightsky as I've never gotten DandelO's to work and didn't understand how it worked. Lol If someone knows how to implement it correctly (to use as a TGC) feel free to do so.

I think you could animate the lunar bloom modulators, but I am not certain of this.

The nebula uses the Sirenko nebula effect from Denis Sirenko.

Usage Notes:

  • The Nebula intensity can be controlled with the Nebula Mixer, or the Colour Tab of the Mask Nebula for Moon shader
  • The Star intensity can be controlled via the Colour Tab in the Star Shader v0.3 by WASasquatch_1 (This was suppose to be renamed to Star Shader Controller)
  • You can play around with the Nebula Mask seed to vary the nebula, or subsequently the colour seeds and such. You can also play with the stars Final Density PF seed.
  • I hope the Lightside and Darkside shadow and light modulators make sense. They need to be shifted with the light and dark side of the moon via the suns position. The elevation may present problems for animation
  • The moon is nothing special, just thrown together for use with the scene. Go ahead and mess around with seeds if you want.

P.S., if someone could render me a wallpaper of this scene with some clouds for a 1080p desktop, I'd be most appreciative. :)

Here is just stars to do with as you like. Based on the latest version of my stars from the galaxy scenes. This is a background object, replace default with this, or dissect.


Thank you very much, great file!



Working on another nebula version, that isn't so chaotic with Nebula everywhere.


Light source for this moon.

Unfortunately the light source is visible unless you turn off glow in atmosphere, but that also kills some of the moons glowing effect.

I am not sure why this happens. The light source is technically far from the moon and planet and shouldn't have any "Focused" light hitting the atmosphere. Seems like a bug. If it has no visible source and is just light it should have a much larger glow cascading onto the atmospheres.


Looks very good, thanks for sharing. Interesting to see that all the star 'enterprises' I've seen over the years take a different approach.


Are you saying my stars are weird, Ulco?  :P

Thanks, been wanting a more realistic moon, not sure why I was procrastinating in just doing it.


Nothing weird about it, I was just saying that you can achieve something in TG in many different ways.


Quote from: Dune on September 25, 2018, 01:52:46 AM
Nothing weird about it, I was just saying that you can achieve something in TG in many different ways.

That's what I thought you meant. I had the stars set to perlin, and noticed some "stripes" in some of the stars on a micro level so switch up to voronoi, than I wanted to sorta envision the Infrared spectrum the stars would have that reach us with the colouring map. Thanks again.