Erosion Play with Snow

Started by WAS, May 11, 2018, 02:37:28 pm

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Quote from: Oshyan on May 15, 2018, 03:37:32 pm
I feel like you're arguing with me about Daniil's choice of name and/or description? I'm just saying what I see the docs and image showing, not what I think it should necessarily be named or anything. And yes, Daniil is a non-native English speaker, so perhaps indeed there is a language issue. At this point I'm not sure if you think it should be renamed, or if you are saying it does what you are saying it does, or what. I'm sure Daniil is open to changing the name if you ask though. Just remember, I'm only trying to explain Daniil's plugin (based largely on his own docs), we have no official relationship with him though, so ultimately it's him you need to engage with if you want something to change.

- Oshyan

What is shown, is what is described about Streamwise/Streamline erosion, however, in his application of it, it is just the flow directions. This can in turn, can be used for a wide variety of things with texturing or even small scale displacement. All very much within the scope of the description, however applying more real-world knowledge to it, and for it's use.

I mean, claiming it's just a special map for texturing, when my whole argument is the resolution and quality of the map for texturing or small scale displacements, doesn't seem to solve the problem. Seems like there is just arguments telling me not to use, for no real valid reason, when it's description is vary apparent (even in geology) for what it is, if not, vague for what is trying to be convey here.
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