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Quote from: Dune on June 06, 2018, 04:35:06 am
Apparently there was still a relic population back in the '50's!

Fairly certain my father is one of the last to be born. Lol
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That explains a lot....  8)

Okay, kiddie practising hunting skills.


Quote from: Dune on June 11, 2018, 03:48:13 am
That explains a lot....  8)

Okay, kiddie practising hunting skills.

Looks great, and I'm really curious - how are you accomplishing the hair?  Render individual strands? or multiple image layers using fine masks?


I add the hair in ZBrush as fibremesh. In the beginning I made the strands wider and added a hairmask of several hairs, but you get repetition. Now I just use unmasked hairs, though with as little as possible polys lengthwise. This hair is 20Mb. For curly hair it might triple or worse. If I really go off, I can dubdivide the guys and sculpt a lot of detail in, and add very detailed hair, but for now this is okay.

Ariel DK

Quote from: Dune on June 11, 2018, 12:05:41 pm
I add the hair in ZBrush as fibremesh.

Another Zbrush skill that i need to learn, great work Ulco!

Quote from: bobbystahr on June 07, 2018, 04:30:25 pm
ha ha ha, where? in Texas? heh heh heh

I dont think so, i dont see their guns 8)
Hmmm, what version of Terragen use god?


Nice job indeed. Z-Brush does hair ? who knew! Looks very good.


Nice result, Ulco. One Day (in about 200 years) I'll have to learn zbrush too :)

I'm in the mood now to leave office and run and play on a meadow with butterflies and flowers :)



Nils, ZBrush would be a breeze for you to learn.


;D ;D ;D

I just checked the price... appr. 800,-- bugs? Not this year, Ulco ;D

(Of course I could use the trial version first but 45 days is to short in my eyes or am I wrong?)


ZBrush core is available for $149.95


Thank you René, 150,-- sounds much better for giving it a try.

I did not know the version variety and the differences between the software versions. But I'll check it.


With regards to 45 day trials, I create a new email account at GMX each month and then download Substance painter. I will buy the software eventually but at the moment I don't use it a lot.I may give Z-Brush a look, but it looks like it would need a good degree of practice to get good usage from it.One more item on my bucket list.


Some new people I made.


Very nice renders and a nice mood in both of them!