Toz (Dust)

Started by Kadri, June 30, 2018, 10:00:42 pm

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Awesome, and great colors! Something different than the orange/cyan color scheme we get to see in every space scene ;) Great stuff!


Awesome video! Youtube embed issues should be fixed now also. :)

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan and yes the video works now :)


That's great, Kadri. Absolutely cinematic and beautiful though a serious story background! Big Like! :)


Nice one, even if a bit... Problematic ;p

I'm not really found of the music, it doesn't really fits (but it's really hard to find a music that fits each ear ;p )

Can you tell us how yo merged together the terragen and Lightwave output data?



Thanks guys :)

Quote from: zepeu on July 06, 2018, 11:38:49 am
Can you tell us how yo merged together the terragen and Lightwave output data?

I rendered in Terragen the background and exported the scene as a FBX file.
I used that FBX file-scene to position and render the objects in Lightwave.
Rendered the objects with separate alpha images.

I used a null object for a hypervoxel in Lightwave as a separate render,
for the big more dusty texture look for the centre and for a little more 3D moving feel through the space.

After that i used Vegas Pro and Hitfilm to comp those renders with the alpha images for the last look you see.

Finding good and fitting music that is free to use at the same time is hard ( I had 2-3 times stupid problems even with the music i bought with Youtube in my "Last Light" short movie)).
I like classic music in videos but wanted this time a different sound.
After listening for a time this one grow on me. It is kind of a little contrasting. But subjective of course :)


Just after i wrote about Youtube above i saw this:

After what i saw when i posted my video i am absolutely not surprised.

Just to write it in the most short way. My video was flagged because of the classic music that is a new arrangement from Louri Sazanov and i bought it from
Not even shockwave-sound (they were very helpful and fast in every problem) and
the arranger Louri Sazanov itself could find the right people in the big music company to get rid of the "copyright infringement notice".
There is a time after you complain that there is no copyright infringement for the company to respond.
If they don't respond you are in clear. The problem is it takes 15 days (or 30 days don't remember).
After many many emails we had to wait that time.

All of this is probably without anyone involved and automatic.
If you are not a big company or famous you are basically screwed all the time.
Capitalism at worst. Now i try to use only free to use music from the free Youtube music archive itself.

Not sure but the music might sound a little better when you listen to it now ones again?  ;D


Really nice work.Very cinematic.