Started by DocCharly65, November 16, 2018, 04:59:08 AM

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Thanks for the suggestion, Ulco.

No masks in there but I am doing one test at this moment:
It's a render sequence without defer atmo but instead: Micropoly Detail "animated" from 0.3 up to 1.2 in 10 frames, AA set to 5
(I changed the resolution to 1920x1080 but cropped to the critical area around the sun)

At the end I can determine the change of render times with the help of file info and I can see the quality in a direct comparison.


The benefit of Defer Atmo has little or nothing to do with how thick a cloud layer is. Also AA has minimal effect on sky (atmo and cloud) quality when Defer Atmo is OFF. AA *dramatically* affects sky quality (and render time) when Defer Atmo is ON. So trying to increase AA to compensate for low micropoly detail when Defer Atmo was off would not do anything really.

If you are not already using Robust Adaptive Sampling (in AA sample settings), and a higher level of adaptivity (e.g. 1/256), I would suggest you do so, especially with Defer Atmo enabled.

We can help you optimize scene render times if you need. Just email support.

- Oshyan


I found that Robust Adaptive Sampling (without any other adjustments) is much faster, but also much grainier. I guess I didn't yet grasp the benefit of it.


Thank you for the suggestions and support.
After a complete day of  experiments I found hat rendering it as is (the suggested Defer Atmo ON) is the best way.
I found that there are no time savings in setting it to OFF. To get an adaequad quality like Defer Atmo ON I had to increase Micropoly Details so high that the rendertime was the same but some rest noise still remained. If I took Oshyan's warning of possible flicker into account, my decision was probably right :)

Just  examples from yesterday:

No Defer Atmo
Micropoly Detail 0.3
AA 5
1920 x 1080 cropped to an Area of 544 x 340
Rendertime 17 minutes

No Defer Atmo
Micropoly Detail 0.8
AA 5
1920 x 1080 cropped to an Area of 544 x 340
Rendertime 96 minutes

Defer Atmo ON
Micropoly Detail 0.3
AA 5
Complete frame rendered (1280 x 720)
Rendertime 105 minutes

I should meniton that I have the impression that rendertime is very variing, depending on the cropped area. I often had the effect that I have very huge differences in render time if I move the cropped area only some pixels... especially in my most frightening renders: in the face of sun and a dense atmosphere and "Receive shadows from surfaces" ;)

... little addition: still working on 4.1.24 because my maintenance days expired. I'd like to wait until some great updates for my personal interest (sorry may sound a bit egoistic :)  ) These were eg. grouping objects, handle lghtsources like objects and group them with objects and stuff like this. But let's see what is coming next I fully trust Matt's and Oshyan's phantasy and talent :)