Deer Tracks

Started by luvsmuzik, September 26, 2016, 10:26:09 am

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Quote from: ajcgi on November 08, 2016, 11:32:13 am
Even in snow, deer forage about on the ground or reach to nearby trees. Stood in a neutral pose as a group like this is a rarety in my experience as someone with a huge archive of deer photos. Is there a chance you can change the pose of most of the deer?

Thanks ajcgi I know exactly what you mean. Too many "deer in the headlights"...haha
I have three different poses in this group now, but I shall keep trying. I am getting hung up on reconstruction trying to add more subdivisions in the neck area. I tried to add bones to it to avoid deforming it but I didn't have much luck. So for me it is all trial and error in Blender. My attempt to make my own rather looks like a 50s animated version, even with subdivisions, haha.


Added some PFs to tree bark and now there are 8 deer with six poses.
3Fake stone shaders
Deer free obj ...Did this come free with TG2? Been so long I forgot.


Gets better :)
Perhaps a bit work on the background mountains and a bit variation of the foreground groundcover now?


Thanks Doc! shhhhh .....don't tell anyone that the deer and trees are one object. I had to group all of this together to get the deer where I wanted them. The object itself is really not that big as there are not too many subdivisions, except for the deer.

Rendering in 15 minutes without clouds,(0.6 detail, 4AA)on my 4Gig. I will add those when I get other stuff set in.


A few modifications and a blur close up. Over lightened to check polygon stretching on the deer.


Old files transferred and fixed up a little.