Help - trouble with atmosphere.

Started by peter555, July 22, 2009, 03:27:27 am

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When my atmosphere starts at hight below the camera and ends above.
I get something like this.
I don't want to see these white dots.
pic - tgout.0003.jpg

And when min limit for atmosphere is above the camera there's no dots but no sunlight is shining on my terrrain either.
pic - tgout0004.jpg


by atmosphere im assuming you mean cloud layers?

by the looks of it, the first one is inside a cloud, and the second one the clouds are so thick they are blocking sunlight.


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Thanks for the answer
but I'm not sure if it's all

Like i'm not changing density of clouds to get the darker view.
Just changing the min. level of clouds.

Please take a look at the file.

And I made it step by step like in this tutorial


your atmosphere quality samples is way low, should be at 64. also you can bump down the haze on the atmosphere a little.

also cloud quality bump it up to 1.


Now I think I know what you mean.

Just rendered small sample of it after making changes accordingly to your intructions.

Thanks for your help.