Impressions from the Enterprise bridge

Started by DocCharly65, September 21, 2018, 06:21:00 am

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Sorry  - only very slow progress at the moment... many animations are only screenshots of the Terragen 3D preview for fast checks.

But some things are happening:

Lt. Uhura got a little role:



It was not so easy to give the earrings some natural movement fitting to the heads movement.

Abe is better animated now while pressing a button and saying "OK - sorry ... aye Captain!" including some things happening on the display behind him.!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqdXAMOtrxTLE7tkiQ

Ripley speaks a haunting warning:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqdWu2NCsp-b9or8cA

... and last but not least Kirk must laugh...

"Why" - is a secret - but if someone native English speaking friend could please help me with a planned ambiguous slogan - she/he would know first what kind of weired joke I have planned again ;)

Just a PN would be nice.


 ;D ;D ;D

One thing; is Kirk's head semi-transparent?


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Quote from: Dune on September 21, 2018, 06:32:35 am
;D ;D ;D

One thing; is Kirk's head semi-transparent?

No Ulco, ;D only in the animation his head should be transparent because of the hair. It's made via alpha mask and so detailed masks are mostly not shown correctly.

..and now I have to go to get my car repaired (battery broken afte 1.5 years because of the start stop automatic :(  )


This is soooo cool!!! The earrings move perfectly.


Haha. Abe. Brings back memories. I just got the game (original) for free while back from Origin I believe. Gotta install it.

These are really well done. This is in TG?


Yep, Jordan. Pure "un-postworked" TG Renders. :)

What do you think - should I let Abe and Lara be a love couple by the time? Until the 3rd part I guess I could have learned how to model and animate some virtual children of them ;D
Surely sweet such little Abe-faces in nice pink dresses - the pigtails will fit anyway :)

I always knew it could be unbelivable so the reason for the RAW-tests in TG 3D Preview is not only for testing the animations. It shall prove the authenticity of the renders as Terragen renders.

The Ripley animation is an exception because she is even "pre-pre render" directly from Blender. Sometimes if the conversion from blender into *.obj files is extremely elaborate, I export the single object animation for testing directly using blender. Ripleys speech is a 170 frames animation - so I need 170 Ripley objects with each over 40MB = approx. 6-7 GB. So in such cases I do some tests before I convert the models.