Slow River Stones

Started by WAS, October 01, 2018, 02:29:51 PM

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I've been wanting river stones in TG for almost a decade, but alas, TG just doesn't handle lateral displacement without exponential slowdowns (I hope improvement is seen on things that have been begged for improvement for years over new features).

These are alright. They lack warping to elongate and vary the stone shape but they may look decent from a distance in small masked zones. Regular fake stones used as filler between river stones.

There are also two types of stone distributions to choose from, one based on Voronoi Billows, and one based on Voronoi A noise. Due to size variation between the two, the offset displacements in the Normal and Lateral may need adjustments.


Wanted to download the tgd to check but it says I am not allowed.  :o :o :o
Now it is okay now..weird...
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Quote from: archonforest on October 01, 2018, 02:41:55 PM
Wanted to download the tgd to check but it says I am not allowed.  :o :o :o

You probably downloaded right as I unchecked it and added a new version (forgot to label a couple things). Could you try again? The download ID you clicked on was probably wrong for the new file.


If you can find ways to improve the speed, anyone, definitely go ahead and share it if you want to. Also the stone colour can be picked out and used for something at larger scales and will probably look a lot nicer. It was picked from a mountain project and just scaled down, but in general has a lot of detail to work with

The river stones can be rendered a tad faster by piping all the stone displacement through a Displacement to Vector, and than piping that vector through a Vector Displacement shader. The result renders a tad faster, but seems to have a tad less geometry detail or breaks in the geometry.


Going to work quite nicely. Thanks!


A very nice set Sasquatch. Thank you for uploading.
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These are great, thank you very much for this excellent clip.



Thanks for the Share of your River Stones Jordan !