Started by j meyer, October 08, 2007, 09:24:16 am

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j meyer

Hi y´all,
here are a few suggestions/feature requests.I´m aware that some
have been partly discussed earlier so please take it as a kind of
1.A better positioning method for objects currently it´s just
a pain.The existing way would be much easier with at least a
"sit on terrain" feature for single objects too.
Visible objects or a visible placeholder would help also with
positioning as well as zooming.(by placeholder i mean an easy
to compute object,a procedural or so,that is visible and could
be replaced by the actual object after positioning loading it
into the placeholder,if such is possible that is)

2.More "reset" buttons so one could easily return to single
default values without changing everything else while exploring/

3.Fixed height above terrain for the preview(optional maybe).



A better positioning method for objects is something I'm really hoping for to.
I was trying to place a object half way outside the clouds the other day but it took so many test renders to figure out where my object really was that I just gave up on it :-\

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also the bug where you can see the wireframe box of the objects that are behind terrain or some other object....
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Marcos Silveira

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The 3rd point is soooo awaited for me...
It was just so simple to place the camera at a certain height in the past versions of TG, the majority of my renders are at the average human height(tallness?!?!? don't 'member the word) of 1.80m (unless for my country  ;D), but it is so difficult to really be sure of that...