Balade matinale (path tracing version added)

Started by Antoine, October 31, 2018, 03:50:25 am

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There's one thing I don't understand in this beauty; the shadow on the right. It seems like the tracks (or some hard part of the road) have lifted above the general gravel road. Maybe that's possible, but it has disturbed me from the beginning. What was your idea behind this?


Hi Ulco !

This can happen under heavy rain, like a storm, some parts of a path like this one can go away due to an erosion process.



Thanks for explaining, David. I see what you mean. Hardpackekd areas by driving over are less prone to erosion...


Quote from: Antoine on November 11, 2018, 08:48:12 am
Thanks you !

QuoteI'm curious how you find Grove 3D, i've heard good things about it and was wondering how well it actually works?

Unfortunately there's no demo version so it's quite hard for me to understand how well it works\performs. What's the workflow like in getting it from Blender into Terragen?

In my personal opinion and for my needs,  I am very satisfied with The Grove, it creates very realistic and natural looking trees in just a few clicks. As for the twigs they sell, they are very good too.  Twigs are made of real meshes and they are applied to the tree by particles system.
For use in Terragen, I first apply a decimate geometry to the twig as much as I can, if not the tree could be so heavy in polygons that it would be impossible to import and handle in Modo and Terragen. However, I couldn't find a way to do that with connifer twigs because thay are made of hundred of needles
After that, I export the tree from Blender in fbx format, I import it in Modo 903 and from there I export the tree in obj format. There are some manual adjustments to make in Terragen (alpha, transluscency, specular, colors, bumps...)
So yes, for what I want to achieve, and at my level, The Grove is exactly what I need.


Thank you for that description David. I wonder if the Grove will work ok in the soon to be released Blender 2.8? Once it's been released and I get used to it I may well look again at the Grove for use in Terragen.


Yes, exactly, I actually found that raised area to be a really cool subtle touch of realism as I grew up living down a long dirt road. :D

- Oshyan


Hey this is a true beauty and achieves incredible realism! You really paid attention to all parts, including the distant forest with excellent variation. Something to keep gawking at for sure. Man, we really need a gallery system here, too many superb renders disappear in the mass of posts over time.

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