Author Topic: Another Approach to Fake Stones  (Read 155 times)

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Another Approach to Fake Stones
« on: November 08, 2018, 02:03:15 AM »
Here is another approach to fake stones, using the internal colour variation to drive the surface of a duplicated fake stones used for actual displacement, also clamping the colours to solve near black colours in shadows, with some other little bits I do.

Used exaggerated colours for demonstration. The compute normals slow things down a bit, but smooth edges.
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Re: Another Approach to Fake Stones
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2018, 09:45:33 AM »
Very interesting, I'll have a look when I get home.

I must admit my fake stone setup is driving me slightly bonkers at the moment.

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Re: Another Approach to Fake Stones
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2018, 01:26:24 PM »
Very cool Jordan, gonna give this a run later today.
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