Swirly noise patterns in water

Started by bender83, November 15, 2018, 05:30:16 pm

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Hi there, I'm relatively new to Terragen (v4) so dont entirely have my head around all the ins and outs of it, but Im wondering if anyone can help me... Im getting swirly 'foam' like noise patterns in my water/lake that are entirely distracting... I'm not sure whether this is a setting I accidentally set, or whether this is a sampling issue. Unfortunately Im unable to share the scenefile as its on a work secure server, but if this i a familiar issue I'd love the help!



Welcome to the forum, Ben. If you can't post a tgd, maybe you can post a render or preview screendump of what you're seeing. Swirly noise patterns often have to do with a fractal breakup shader (part of a new surface shader), which are by default set to distort by normal and a high degree of warp (which I personally don't like). But in a pure lake and water shader I wouldn't know what causes it by head.