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Started by dorianvan, November 12, 2019, 03:00:29 PM

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I have frontier 4.4.40. If Pixel Plow supports frontier 4.4.18, will it not work? If not, do I have any options?


4.4.18 will open files created in 4.4.40, and most things will render correctly. Of course it won't be able to render newer features such as path-traced transparency, path-traced subsurface scattering, and control over reflective caustic intensity. And the newer path trace quality settings won't apply - it'll use its old defaults. I think those are the main differences since 4.4.18.
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For what it's worth the final 4.4 release should be soon and then PixelPlow will update.

- Oshyan


Okay thanks. Rendering now but not using those updates so should be okay.