jumping input fields with tab

Started by germanobanano, November 24, 2018, 10:26:42 am

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When using tab to jump to the next input box in the node settings, you have to press tab three times to reach the next input box, in some cases four times. My guess is that the value input fields are used more often than say the check boxes or the animation curve buttons. Maybe a behaviour where tab would jump directly to the next input box and ctrl+tab would behave as it does at the moment would allow faster interactivity?



A lot of the members around here do animate though. Its also a maim feature.


Sure! I'm not saying that people don't animate or that it's not a main feature!

Maybe someone wants to animate the micropolygon and antialiasing values, but I'm sure most people want to type one value and then tab  into the other. In any case, being able to choose the behaviour would be great.

I found that it was discussed before, but the workaround seems to apply to OS only.