What our science-fiction says about us

Started by René, December 05, 2018, 02:32:50 am

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I think we're seeing a repeat of the 50s. Science Fiction dominating hollywood and TV back then. And now with a jump in CGI ability, we're able to imagine even more in depth words than we have been able to do with just set and animatronic evolution.


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I watched the movie "Black Panther" while on a flight from South Africa returning home. It made me think about how different other peoples' frame of minds are from mine when it comes to science and, therefore, science fiction. My impression of the movie was that the society of Wakanda had extreme pride but was severely lacking with substance to account for the technology they had "developed". I can't help but think of the movie when I watch this YouTube video about "college students" who want to throw out "Colonizer Science" and replace it with home grown "Black Magic". Just think how much progress they could make when they discard the law of physics and other understanding of how the world works and re-purpose the government's research budget towards new goals after real witch doctors are put in charge. Folks, this is where South Africa is heading right now and its not fiction (and its not science either).