Will AI take the fun out of creating landscapes?

Started by René, December 21, 2018, 04:12:15 am

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A career as a cartoonist is also no longer an option. Within a short time AI will do that faster and better. That is quite disturbing. Will there be software in ten years' time that can create fantastic landscapes based on a description? That would take the fun out of it.



I am a bit more optimistic about this. ;)

First of all, nobody can ever bar you from having fun creating your own, meticulously-planned, "hand-written" landscapes of your own. It is not, nor ever will it be mandatory to use AI to have fun or express your imagination. This might be an issue if this is your source of income - if anyone else will be using AI, then you probably won't last long if you rely solely on your own skills. But this is a different discussion.

Second, I believe that a human hands' work has always been valued more than that made by a machine. Take a look at a price of traditional hand-rolled cigars vs. a price of machine-rolled cigars. Price of furniture made at the beginning of the 20th century vs. a price of IKEA furniture.

Besides, creating caricature is not AI. Photoshop filters and distortions is actually all it takes to make these pictures... My point is that you can simply tell computer which filters and thresholds it should use to complete the task and it will. Not very "intelligent" in my opinion...
"This year - a factory of semiconductors. Next year - a factory of whole conductors!"


Actually there is another side too for a long time that we kinda assume normal.
If it wasn't for computers and people like Matt we could not make these 3D images, animations at all without software like Terragen.
The AI side is kinda an evolution to this. We will choose and direct the AI for what we want.
An AI that can make art for itself ( i don't see those above examples as that,but it is debatable probably) that is quite another step.
I am not sure i will see that last step in my lifetime (20-30 years hopefully :) )


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This is absolutely true. People have not stopped painting because photography was invented. Painting has simply taken a different direction with less emphasis on realism and painters have even used photography to support their painting. That old-fashioned handicraft is better appreciated is also true. Look at the paintings of hyperrealists like Ralph Goings and Richard Estes, the simple fact that you know that it concerns paintings makes you look at it differently and their work would be much less interesting (at least for me) if it were only photos.
The caricatures in the example are indeed made by AI and without Photoshop filters, although I have to admit that there is still room for improvement, but that is probably a matter of months. https://cari-gan.github.io/

Computers have proved to be a wonderful tool to help with all kinds of artistic expressions, but whether AI is just the next step in that evolution I just don't know yet; I think that it is a different beast. AlphaZero is mentioned as an example of how a computer can become smarter than the human brain through self-learning in a short period of time. It took the computer four hours, without strategic instructions, to discover chess strategies that man has been doing for centuries, and also to become much stronger.

Images are paintings from American hyperrealsts.