color palette generator for photoshop.

Started by TheBadger, February 13, 2013, 01:55:41 pm

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Hey guys

I am trying to find a plug-in for photoshop that i saw once but cant find now.

Basically you load an image, and the software creates a color palette swatch from the image. So you could load a painting from the 18th century and have all of that artists colors in one place.

Have any of you see this or something like I described? Sorry I cant remember anything more than I already said. It was a long time ago when I read about it.
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OH! I guess photoshop does this on its own without any plug-ins! Ha ha, I really should have known that!
Here are instructions if anyone else wants to make use of it. :

And I found this too, which is a plugin, and looks pretty helpful! There are several of this kind, scroll down and see if you want any of em' :

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It has been eaten.


I have been trying to remember where I had recently seen something like what you describe....




QuoteGet palette from image
from your link.
I think thats the right wording for what I was looking for. I guess I would still like to see a plug-in for this if you or anyone else happens by one. Plug-ins are usually a lot more robust than native photoshop functions. Then again, they are often pretty worthless too.

Never hurts to have a look though.
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The best I have found is the one produced by Adobe. You can import and save the scheme in to your creative cloud account, and use with various apps with ease.