Champagne Supernova

Started by RichTwo, January 11, 2019, 08:01:55 pm

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Imagine if you will a world in eternal twilight.  Its parent star is the tiny red speck in the sky, a red dwarf from which it orbits at a distance as Jupiter does from our Sun.  An icy world, its atmosphere lies mostly frozen to the surface.  An intensely bright light appears, silent and cold but is thousands times brighter than its own sun.  A supernova event some hundreds of light years distant made its appearance. Within a few days it will fade from view to join the many other point of lights in the sky. 

And no, I am no fan of Oasis, that 90s pop band.  Just thought the sky had that pink champagne look to it.
You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...


It's a great scene. Lovely lighting. Some really subtle and effective displacements. Good job.


Great title for a fantastic sci fi scene...well done all round then.
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist



Jo Kariboo


Epic feeling here, colours are exquisite!