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Started by RichTwo, January 13, 2019, 08:42:12 pm

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So I am constantly trying to figure out how to distribute a layer, object population, or even clouds without the ever so clunky Fractal node.  Then I say to myself, "Self - what about the Fake Stones shader?  I mean, it's Voronoi based, no?  All you have to do is adjust the size and density!"  Well that got me somewhere at least.  But still not the desired effect.  So Self says, "Warp it!"  Better, but still not quite there.  Maybe with another Fake Stones, smaller and density adjust, either merged there or a copy of the thing with it masked and merged?  Anyway for your observations.  Feel free to fiddle with the clip and offer suggestions.
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The fake stones produce a very hard mask, which can be suitable for certain things. I've used them masking ice sheets, e.g. or tiny areas of shine on snow. But with displaxcements you have to take care; they're extremely hard.


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Yes, Ulco - I have found the same thing, definitely not much good for displacements. My aim was to not have a uniform carpet of grass.  I merged a smaller scale FS shader and it seems the result is much improved. Clip attached. Maybe this with some tweaking could be used for object distributions?  I may have to try it out.
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Well done, Ver 2 looks like awesomely real distribution.
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Yes! V2 seems to be the better way :)

Jo Kariboo

Quite convincing distribution. Strangely enough, your image reminds me of the Westworl TV series!