Exporting Equirectangular Texture Maps

Started by Stephen.Tarheel, January 25, 2019, 06:01:58 pm

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I'm messing around with Terragen again after having to focus on real-world stuff and I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to export a "baked" texture map of the whole planet into one equirectangular texture map.  I've seen some suggestions about a planet with a negative radius and putting the camera at 0,0,0.  Is there now a better way to do it or plans to have a "proper" export function?



It's very simple. As you have read, just put a minus in front of the planet's radius, copy the center to a render camera , set to spherical, use a render ratio of 1:2, and add all textures into a luminosity input. No GI, or sun needed.



Yes, but for a little definition you'd need a ABNORMALLY HUGE file!


Ahh, good ol' luminosity.  mhaze, THANK YOU!

I think I finally found the distortion-free shader maker I've been looking for!

Looks like there's a LOT of flipping that I'll have to do with shaders.  It'd be nice to scale by -1 to flip everything inside out or have it so it'd double sided.   

But that's a little bit of whining that's massively overshadowed by the fact that it works.


Yeah, thanks mhaze  :P

There's only one layer, so why flip? If you put a 'layer' of snow over something, the original  colours are just replaced. Furthermore, don't forget that textures on vertical slopes will be stretched/condensed, and overlays' textures won't be right either . What is your intention with such a texture anyway?



My intention is to build off the ideas from http://www.store.nwdastore.com/nvseal-planet-pack and lower resolution temp, rainfall et all maps and use Terragen as the blending point to make near sat quality maps. 

So the flipping that I was referring to was the space that the fractals are generated in.  If you flip the planet radius, you'd be changing the xyz used to build the fractals, I think.  But I kinda doubt that short of some hard core cartophiles, that would be overlooked.