First Test "On The Search For The Lost Machete"

Started by DocCharly65, January 20, 2020, 06:36:02 pm

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...just as proof that I was serious in my animation post... ;)

Testrenders Danny Trejo 200120 2356.jpg

At first I just wanted to learn to know the two character models. Strengths, weaknesses and any problems I may have with animation...

The plants are 100% xFrog
Predator by primeaxle on CGTrader
Danny Trejo game res model by sungates on CGTrader

The detail work will follow much later, because the scene will be in the same landscape like the "Magnum-helicopter chase" which also belongs to the Airwolf scene. All that is in the 2nd or even last third of the film. So I'll just go on if I have surprising flashes of inspiration that I don't want to forget or it can take months to a year or two.
Next steps will be: 
I will work it out in peace. So far it's just a rough thought. An Aztec pyramid - a lost machete, an alien buddy (who fits Danny perfectly) ... let's see what happens. In any case, this will only have a loose connection to the overall film ... the first rubber duck to appear on earth, or something ...


Haha that's so awesome. That's definitely Danny Trejo haha. Love the predator too. But maybe some specular on the armor?


Another scene, pffff. I'm in awe by your continuous creativity and hard work!


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thanks :)

Quote from: WAS on January 20, 2020, 07:30:52 pmBut maybe some specular on the armor?

Yes you're right. :)  That's one of the results of the test that I must modify the specular map and have to be careful with the bump map.

Ulco, it's less hard than you think in this case. A scene to introduce the area where the "Magnum helicopter chase" takes place was planned anyway. But since I found the two character models, I have more concrete ideas, how to do this.

I will create a new jungle landscape with the Aztec pyramid so that I need not care about the canyon and river. It will be fun to have a scene NOT playing in space this time. But as mentioned in a few weeks/months (years?) ;D

Agura Nata

Fractal, surreal, abstract, the main thing is not everyday like the bread roll with liver cheese from the sausage stand around the corner, although it is of course great that there are sausage stands without which the social bustle would come to a standstill ;)