Started by Jo Kariboo, May 19, 2020, 09:37:58 am

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Jo Kariboo

Three images from a series of 2017 (never post). I have recently redone a big rendering with the latest version of TG that I own, the 4.1.25. I like to look at the details of these images. If my memory is good I had mixed files from Dune, efflux and possibly mhaze.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg


Very interesting....I cannot decide if that is a landslide, earthquake or glacier pull. Very complex displacements for sure, well done! :)


Great displacement!!


Cool terrains Jo. Very realistic.
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Jo Kariboo

Thanks all for comments!


Looks very vulcanic, nice renders!


Cool renders!
I like especially the corroded areas with the changing color and structure. Great!


Lighting is nice, too. The details really pop.

Agura Nata

Well done, great stuff!
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Jo Kariboo

Thanks all again for comments! :D