Happy holidays, everyone

Started by sboerner, December 07, 2020, 12:36:51 pm

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Again a very nice model.

If you look for 'elfstedentocht' you'll get to see our famous 200k challenge (passing 11 cities/places). 1963 was the coldest and hardest. I'm afraid it will be over due to climate change.


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Thanks. I remember watching a news segment here on the Elfstedentocht some time last year, saying it was being moved because the canals in Holland no longer ice over. To somewhere in Germany? Can't remember. So sad.

Edit: Had to see if my memory was correct. Not quite. The race in Austria (not Germany) is an unofficial alternative event, but still attracts many Dutch skaters. The Elfstedentocht is not an annual event but takes place only when conditions are right.


Here is the revised scene. And as promised here is my blog post explaining the story behind it.

Happy New Year everyone!


Quote from: sboerner on January 01, 2021, 01:14:22 pmHere is the revised scene. And as promised here is my blog post explaining the story behind it.

Happy New Year everyone!
Beautiful and sorta serene which the planet needs right now...thanks for sharing...again
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Thanks, Bobby. Nice to see you posting a bit more these days. I know you've been busy with your music, but good to hear from you.


Great update, Steve. Echo Bobby.


Absolutely stunning! The snow looks perfect.


Perfect revised version. I love that render!
I echo both - Hannes and Bobby