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A few super basic tutorials I put together mainly because I wish Terragen had more video tutorials in this style.

Might make more at some point.

These are great! I think you really hit the right pace and length for these intro tutorials. We need more like this. If you were to create a more complete series like this I would like to feature it prominently on our site. Please let us know how we can help to make that happen.

Hi Matt,

Glad you liked them.  I'd like to make more Terragen videos, and I'm happy to share my thoughts with you on direction, content, and the best way to move forward with a series.  PM or email me if you're interested in talking more about it.

Yes, very nicely done! We'd love to support you in whatever way we can with this. We'll get in touch directly soon. :)

- Oshyan

Great work with the start of your Terragen beginner tutorials. You're right, we do need more in this style. I'd love to do tutorials, and have tried, but terragen is substantially slower when I'm processing lossless video to HDD (I only have Fraps for capture)


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