Pre-made image on a sphere (displaceable object)

Started by N-drju, February 08, 2019, 07:49:52 am

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Guys, I'm having a hard time trying to put an "image shader" picture onto a sprock (sphere dubbing as a rock).

The moment I try to rotate the image shader the picture just disappears - rotating itself against some invisible point of reference, not able to fit onto a 2x2 meter rock.

I tried using XYZ shader and change plane settings (also X, Y and Z, even spherical) but to no avail - the image shader's location and rotation is still barely controllable.

Also, I need to keep "repeat x" and "repeat y" option enabled because, like I said, the central picture just disappears the moment I try to roatate it.  ::)

I rarely project things onto other things and almost never use image shader at all... But I'd like to do it now... If there is anyone more experienced with this stuff, please provide help. A picture to be projected is a 24-bit .bmp if you wish to know.
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If you need an image on a sphere the best would be a spherical image, and spherical projection from the center of the sprock. But if set to plane Y (and repeat), you may have to mix with a rotated (90/90/90) version and set world space in a transform shader.


Ahhh. Forget it - I needed a "side Z" setting. Transform input works good too when small increments are done.
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If you want it mapped reasonably evenly across the surface Spherical is the best option. But again as Ulco said you need set the position of the image map to the same position as the sphere.

- Oshyan