OpenGL error when RTP activated

Started by cgiout, February 15, 2019, 02:48:17 AM

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i'm running terragen on a core i7 5820k, 32GB DDR4 and Nvidia quadro P4000 card.
When i activate RTP, system slows down and OpenGL error is displayed (many opengl errror popups). It happens always, also with startup scenes, with all cores running.
Is it due to all the 12 cores full running perhaps?



Strange, we haven't seen this or had any other reports of the issue. What's especially odd to me is that the regular 3D preview already uses OpenGL and in fact RTP uses the CPU primarily, so should have less demands on OpenGL as far as I know.

Can you give more details about the OpenGL error that occurs? Perhaps a screenshot of the error message(s)?

Also are you using the correct performance preset for Quadro cards to avoid slowdown in Terragen rendering? We have found that you should switch your overall graphics driver profile to "3D App - Game Development" (there are others that work too, this is the main one I remember though).

- Oshyan