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Started by lat 64, March 08, 2019, 04:17:53 pm

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lat 64

While messing around with voronoi to make glacier crevasses, I just went off on this tangent.
A young planet cooling. I am working on a 3-d fly-by of the volcano. I am rather proud of the glowing lava in the crater.

C & C welcome

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!


Nice setup. Flyby would be cool. Maybe you should decrease the shine on the rock and give it a slightly lighter color? The distance gets very 'wild' right now.

lat 64

Hi Ulco,

Yes, I need lighter terrain and more volcanos with fumaroles.
I'll probably make another smaller planet(toid) and move the .clp to it. This one was from the default size. Everything had to have really BIG scale factors. Nothing will happen for a couple weeks though--off on a trip soon.
I wish I had a terragen app for my phone, Ha! ;D

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!