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Started by N-drju, May 07, 2019, 04:24:07 pm

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In the spirit of creating user-specific megathreads related to user-specific projects and pictures, I decided to establish my own "chronicle" in which all of my work and graphical "musings" will be documented from now on. Whenever I have something fun or (at least in my view ;)) beautiful to share with you, I will put it here in this topic. So, with that being said...

Old Pals - get your bearings and stay tuned.

Newcomers - welcome to my workshop!

And to put something in to get the wheel spinning... Here are my first few shots on the new "Wetlands" project. The ones here, are literally third and fourth test renders made for this project and will require a lot of time to reach the intended result (whatever that is...). What I like about it, however, is an irregular, diverse shoreline akin to spacious bayous seen around the world.

Now, as yet one more colorblind person, I can't shake the feeling that the green, grass colors are waaaay off... So if you see some strange colors at, what was essentially supposed to be a healthy, lush foliage, please point it out and let me know the direction in which that should be changed. :P Another challenge that I see, would be a realistic placement of reeds along the shoreline and in the water.

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Good idea of yours, and hopefully it'll be a long, long thread. Good luck with the bayous. Green is very bright indeed but as it happens, Hannes made the swatches you probably already found:,26527.0.html


Quote from: Dune on May 08, 2019, 01:12:52 am
Hannes made the swatches you probably already found

Oh... I didn't know it. :) I thank you and I'll thank him.

To be honest, I usually make grass a bit lighter than I plan for to compensate for the darkness cast by eventual clouds. But this coloration still is too bright even with 7/8 coverage. Also, this is just two PF for the moment mixed together.
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By the way...

While working on the project, I found an arrangement for a nice leafy (cabbage-like?) fractal arrangement:


Feature scale is at 0.5 with 1100 lead-in and 0.005 smallest scale.
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Another take on my swamp / bayou scene. Getting there... I guess?

Ground cover has been considerably darkened and some clouds have been added for a reflection.

I consider increasing the number of trees on the mounds and am also in the process of creating some cane (reeds?) in XFrog, because no other plant that I have seems to be reasonable enough for in-water use... I am pretty satisfied with surface colors - a diverse mix of 4 - 6 PFs with small scales, underwater, mud and grasses.

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Yes, you're getting there  ;) Very nice update.

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Looking good but the water looks too blue for any swamp I've been in although in truth I've never done a fly over so it may well look like that from the air....
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