The Matrix Of An Odyssey

Started by DocCharly65, March 06, 2019, 05:13:23 pm

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Sorry friends - at the moment very rare and very few render results are published by me... but I hope I can convince you that it's worth waiting :)

The result of the last 2-3 months:
(as usual it should work being played in the browser but downloading will work better in higher quality and stutter-free)!AvEpmvBUHi6qgrN5IAzBc6kNsPcL7A

At this moment I am too tired to tell too much and to write the complete 3Dmodels-credits I'll do this later.
Just one comment: I needed almost the complete 3 months to get rid of the flickering in this scene:
from here [attach=1]

to here     [attach=2]

Many parts and animations of this scene are still in work... But for today it must be enough. Hope you enjoy... And I hope I could make you remembering the originals I wanted to honor :)


Wow, you are getting *really* good at this! Almost a little too serious though. ;)

- Oshyan


Impressive work! Looking forward to seeing more.

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Thanks :)

Oshyan - more and funnier parts will come a bit later... still rendering... though... a little bit an un- serious detail is already there: did you watch the big matrix monitor wall on the top right and the bottom left? ;)

(blurred because this is a screenshot from the video - not a render)

The complete scene will be integrated between the Klingon scene and the Deathstar.
Still missing:
What happens at Jupiter with the discovery ;)
The Girls in the observatory receiving the signal from the discovery.
Adama and the Admiral discussing the fate of the discovery in the headquater.

Still much to do... (And the Safari-scene is in the pipeline as well  ::)

As promised some new credits.

The music:
"Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss (Movie Themes) done wit a midifile by Vithor Moraes with East West Hollywood Virtual Orchestra I found on YOUTUBE
"The Matrix Main Theme" - Cubase Remake (by tomekkobialka) I found on YouTube too

It was some work and not really easy to get a clean and almost seamless transition between these two music parts but for the moment I am satisfied.

The new models are not really new:
The Monitor Matrix is a seperated subdivided, cleaned and retextured Part of the HAL Model.
I found some 10$ animations on the VideoHive Enavato Market like these:

[attach=2]  [attach=3]  [attach=4]  [attach=5]

I seperated these (and some Let's Play videos ;) )  to single frames and I projected these on the screens.
E.g. for the green "Hacker Matrix" animations I made 18 folders with the same sequence of frames with numbered filenames but always some frames offset and some more with the image distortions at the beginning to get the imagination of monitors being switched on.


Such an amazing amount of work you put into all this. Unbelievable (in a good way!) :)

- Oshyan


Quote from: Oshyan on March 12, 2019, 03:49:26 pm
Such an amazing amount of work you put into all this. Unbelievable (in a good way!) :)

- Oshyan

I was just thinking the same.
Nice work :)


YAY RAH!!!  ;D

Very impressive! I hope there is a journal somewhere, full of notes and sketches, to be found by future enthusiasts. You have made some difficult (if not nearly impossible) scenes light up, pan, rotate, and zoom for our pleasure, using a most unlikely (although our favorite) software to accomplish this. Great Work!


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I'll try to do my best.
Of course it's not an economic way to do as I do but I am just too lazy, too old and just not rich enough to learn the professional usage and get all the relevant work equipment used in the "real" film world. 

But on the other side it's exactly the right way for me, because it makes me slow! And this slowliness gives me time to change ideas and adjust the film to my skills... at this moment I think there's almost nothing left of the script I started with in 2013 ;D

Besides - I think the safari scene can be (almost) ready in 2-3 weeks... had a new idea last weekend and it renders fast! ;)


Insanely good!!! I'm speechless. Thumbs up!!!