Musical Videoclips with Terragen

Started by PcXT, April 01, 2019, 07:29:52 am

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Quote from: Oshyan on July 19, 2019, 01:55:25 pm
Mm, I rather like that latest one! Adding the filters gives it a unique look, certainly. But I particularly liked how the low resolution terrain rendering actually worked really well with the filter. I tend to be interested in seeing people find ways to use low fidelity or "problems" to their advantage, and you've done it well in this case.

- Oshyan

I completely agree, this last video is really interesting. A very unique take on terrain flybys. Very matrixy in that it looks like a simulation, but not Matrix-like at the same time due to the tone of the music. Well done.


Very pleased that you like it, thanks !
I was afraid this video would be kind of-off topic, being too much processed. I'm glad you think it's not.
The next one wil be more conventional but the one after also uses lo-poly renderings. I wasn't pleased in the beginning but may be cool after all :)
thank you for the comments !