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Started by aknight0, February 10, 2019, 12:36:16 AM

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A few super basic tutorials I put together mainly because I wish Terragen had more video tutorials in this style.

Might make more at some point.


These are great! I think you really hit the right pace and length for these intro tutorials. We need more like this. If you were to create a more complete series like this I would like to feature it prominently on our site. Please let us know how we can help to make that happen.
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Hi Matt,

Glad you liked them.  I'd like to make more Terragen videos, and I'm happy to share my thoughts with you on direction, content, and the best way to move forward with a series.  PM or email me if you're interested in talking more about it.


Yes, very nicely done! We'd love to support you in whatever way we can with this. We'll get in touch directly soon. :)

- Oshyan


Great work with the start of your Terragen beginner tutorials. You're right, we do need more in this style. I'd love to do tutorials, and have tried, but terragen is substantially slower when I'm processing lossless video to HDD (I only have Fraps for capture)


Quote from: aknight0 on February 10, 2019, 12:36:16 AM
A few super basic tutorials I put together mainly because I wish Terragen had more video tutorials in this style.

Might make more at some point.
It was a very good tutorial.
I am Japanese 70 years old. I wanted to enjoy 3DCG with a hobby,although seven yeara ago I bought ver3 for pay and in 2017 I bought ver4 for pay , I could not succeed to finish only one terragen drawing until now  either.
Although there has been several good wiki in Japanese, to the old man who hates learning, difficulty is high.
These seven tutorial videos were good.
I would like to study Terragene more.
My request is : how to draw Mt. Fuji looked up at out of the Pacific sea .
Or ,3DCG which looks up at the snowed peak of Kilimanjaro from savanna desert.
Or , big 3DCG scene  of the Himalayas rises high over the back, Swiss Alps mountain range in the middle, and the big width Amazon River flowing like anaconda snake  in jungle in the front.
Of course, I would like to see 4 types of empty sky : 1 in the morning sun, 2 :daytime, 3 twilight, and 4 moonlight.
Although it is a covetous request, I want you prepare any one of these theme .
Would you instruct in video  in easy English which a Japanese schoolcboy can understand.


Hi ataruogura,

I'm glad you're enjoying the videos!  For these tutorials, my plan is to focus on the basics of Terragen, so I probably won't cover creating any specific scenes or locations.  If you try to make a start on a scene however, there are many on the forum who would be happy to give some tips on improving it.  If you are trying to model a specific place, you'll want to read up on using DEMs and GIS data in Terragen.


I'd just like to say thank you for taking the time and trouble to produce this very instructive and helpful series of tutorials.  

As a newbie working through them, I found them to be the right length, very informative, and insightful.

Many thanks once again.



I would also like to thank you for these, I have been away for a while as I found Terragen hard to pick up. These tutorials of yours have helped greatly.