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Started by WAS, April 15, 2019, 03:44:28 pm

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Upcoming, I may have access to a series of workstation systems, one of which is far more than adequate for TG with a dual xeon setup and 256gb of RAM. It's not often used but long hauls for rendering, so I may be able to use it with TG Freeware to broadcast classes to users here.

I'd like to start with TG basics, and node exploration and experimentation. I'd like to both demonstrate and explain to users, as well as take feedback, and allow student control for hands-on learning.

If you are interested in something like this, just leave a reply here. If anything it may help me procure the time-slots for this idea. 

Unless Matt would want to license a workstation for education use I won't be able to show you advanced export techniques, or animation keying as I do not own TG. This will all be done through the Freeware edition, that anyone can download and follow along with.
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If you are providing Terragen classes, we'll gladly support you with an educational license. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you also post on the Facebook Terragen and environment modeling groups.

- Oshyan


This is a great idea. I would not able to participate online but if the information is useful for me I would buy the recorded version for sure.
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I third this! I'm on a public wi-fi system at a nursing facility, which means seriously curtailed bandwidth and some constraints, but it would be cool to audit, listen along when I could. You'll have a bit of an editing job, though, making a suite of tutorials out of live classes -- although I bet they would be quite informative.


Good idea, anything we can do let us know


I myself am on 4G LTE broadband, living rural.

I did some testing and was having really bad latency to the point my client was kicking me from the session frequently or watching things happen in slow motion after the fact. The latency was peaking over 1000ms at points. I think the offer given to me is just too far away for my shotty net.

It's east coast, but honestly they must not have the best net cause I don't even get this bad of latency gaming (80-140ms), with most servers being east coast.
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Quote from: DannyG on April 23, 2019, 11:18:20 pm
Perhaps some pre-recorded videos?

This is something I've wanted to do for some time. But the Xeon X5450 I was on was just waaay to out of date, and AMD A10 APU I am on now has serious weird anomalies when recording while TG tries to utilize all it can of the 2 of 4 threads (which already makes the experience super slow for the video).

I have a hand-me-down PC I am hesitantly checking out. It only has a old DVI video card in it, and I have no VGAs or adapters available to test, and will not drop my RX 480 in it just to hope it doesn't pop lol Judging by the large rectangle backplate, and the large fan and heat sync, I do believe it's a LGA 2011/20xx. So I may have lucked out if it is in working order. The original owner put a lot of worker into the fan setup and 4 TB of 5400 RPM HDDs so I am assuming it was a workstation. Only 4 RAM slots though, which two have been recently pulled leaving 8gb of what was probably 16gb kit. 

So I think I may just wait and order some thermal paste and VGA/Adapters to test. I'd be nice to reset the CPU just to make sure the application hasn't gone bad.

I do fear it's dead though. I have a power tester I could theoretically use to go through and test the board but alas I have no idea what to do there. Lol Not that tech savvy like some of my old friends. I'd probably short it trying to test it. Lol
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I have been working on a few, I think I have reviewed them a few too many times lol, I am my worst critic.


Quote from: DannyG on April 26, 2019, 06:59:29 am
I have been working on a few, I think I have reviewed them a few too many times lol, I am my worst critic.


I'm really harsh on the quality of my work.
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