The missing Bridge of Adama - The animation(s)

Started by DocCharly65, April 26, 2019, 04:32:32 am

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While some other things are rendering in the background, the latest news about Adama and the Galactica:

I must say that I like that new Galactica model from jujuvenile more and more.

In the new animation of the blow through the main nozzles I changed the process, so that it looks a bit more like an old Battlestar that was long time unused and really needs a first blow through the engines :)
With the new BSG model I also thought it was worth to add the POV inside the shuttle while Adama is landing...

Some more info in the YT description...
The music is my planned end title doen with Magix musicmaker. I guess I'll use it again and again for some testvideos.

Have fun :)


You must be hiding a whole team in your basement, all working incredibly hard to get this done ;)  Very cool again! I must believe... I drive one; I like that :D


Thanks :)

Ulco, it's less dramatic than you think.
I have always 5 TGs rendering 7/24 (until the next windows update ;D )

Many of the animations in this last test were done in the background the last months. 
Meanwhile I see the sometimes long render times as a fortune! So I can try and test other ideas while one, two or more animations are rendering.
A lot of effort is needed to juggle with the free PCs and to decide which PC renders which animation.

I mostly use the two fast Gen.9 i7  to get fast short animation tests of completely new ideas - or for rendering time-consuming animations.
The other 3 PCs are usually rendering animations, which are ready developed concepts, where I need no monitoring or controlling of the job - just wait and be happy when it's finished :)

One TG licence is unused at the moment because I was too lazy to activate another PC (a used PC bought and still packed ;) )


Yes, but you do have to make it all before rendering! And I know how time-consuming that is.