Terragen not liking Threadripper 2990x?

Started by pixelsmack, April 03, 2019, 06:22:13 pm

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April 03, 2019, 06:22:13 pm Last Edit: April 03, 2019, 08:25:41 pm by pixelsmack
Having watched various videos of Terragen in action, I have noticed that my interface is VERY sluggish. Even if I pause RTP. Which I do often. Clicking around sees a lag in button selections and delays all over. I am running Windows 10 Pro, 64GB, Threadripper 2990x CPU, and a 2080Ti GPU.

I also see frequent threading crashes. I get a popup warning about thread fails and then Terragen vanishes. This happens when I click RENDER on occasion.  (I save frequently!)   ;D

I am simply "living with it" but wonder if this might be a specific issue for my system config?


With the 2990 you have 64 threads available, which is quite a lot. There is an upper limit on the total number of threads Terragen can create, and you may be running into this, especially if you open additional preview windows. There may also be some overhead from managing so many threads. You can try minimizing the use of additional preview windows, and/or you can try reducing the number of threads used in Preferences and see if it helps. If it does let us know, it may be something we can work on.

- Oshyan


I also use amd 2990, make sure not to have more than two preview windows updated at the same time to avoid crashes. A crash occurred during rendering because there is a preview window that is being updated. See https://planetside.co.uk /forums/index.php/topic,26310.0.html

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Like Intel CPU's Hyper-Threading there is an option in the BIOS for turning off the AMD equivalent which is called SMT.  Go into your BIOS during boot (The key to press varies depending on your Mobo Manufacturer) and look for some performance option called SMT and turn it off to limit your CPU to 32 cores/32 threads.  That might help.

Also I have an Threadripper 1950X at work and didn't think I had the Shader Preview window issues, but a couple days ago I did have 3 Shader Preview windows open along with the RTP going and I got a bunch of pop-up threading errors like was mentioned on another post in the forum.   



I have a 1950x and multiple preview windows is a sure fire way to crash Terragen.

If I do have multiple windows open I make sure RTP is off and the main preview window is paused, then it's usually ok, apart from that Terragen runs just fine. I'm not sure if I first saw this on a 4 core machine though.

Just to complicate matters a tad though, sometimes the pause in my main preview window reverses itself - that is, it updates when the button is paused and stops when unpaused. Restarting Terragen resets it obviously.


I also have a 1950x and am running into consistent crashes with the latest Frontier build whenever the RTP preview is in use.

Working in the RTP window itself does not seem to cause any problems. But if I go to the node window and make any changes that cause the RTP view to update, TG will eventually crash. Not question of if, but when. So I try to remember to turn off RTP whenever I'm working in another window. And save often.

Just working with the default interface, very basic scene (one imported object), with no additional windows or screens.


Previews are paused during rendering. It would be conducive to reset/stopped those preview windows when rendering is going, instead of holding on to those resources -- this would also rid thread exceptions in theory, and no real reason to be holding on to a paused preview when rendering. That should be reserved for workflow. 
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Interesting Steve as I think the latest Frontier build actually had some fixes in that should have helped with previous crashing behavior in RTP. If you can come up with a series of steps that reproduces this consistently that would be very helpful.

- Oshyan


OK. I'm not sure if it just happens with imported objects or scenes in general, so I'll take a look at that, too, and will get back to you.


I used to have problems with the RTP, but the latest update fixed that for me. Haven't had one problem since.


- Terje
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There are still some problems with editing anything inside a Parts Shader while previews are active, at the moment.
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QuoteThere are still some problems with editing anything inside a Parts Shader while previews are active, at the moment.

Ah, OK. That's when the crashes have occurred. Not hard to work around. Thanks, Matt.