Lake Tahoe

Started by Stormlord, April 09, 2019, 06:56:31 PM

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Thx mHaze
I had some excellent Tutors. Guess who was one of them?
It was mHaze, who generously shared some of his work (learned from your sea foam, rock and your marveleous "sky in slightly toxic waterhole" scene).

And also Dune who gave excellent hints how to perform certain things (wet zone for instance, which is so great!) and of course his example scenes as well.

But wait.... there is more to come with this scene, I am not finished yet :-)



Now I got a nice reference scene to got at first sight a good comparison in relation to know proportions, which is perfect for scaling objects like grasses, leafs or stones.
To make it easy for the future to scale new models up or down as desired, I will start to build up my stone library in tgo format and scale all models in a 1x1x1 Meter window.
So each model can be scaled easily without difficult calculations via transform to the right size. 1 Meter divided by 100 will give me a pebble with 1 cm in size, how easy!

The first stone is converted from a 3DsMax Mesh into a TGO and perfectly scaled.
But have a look for yourself, here is the first one, ready to go....

Lake Tahoe Boulder (scaled)



Lake Tahoe v.14, the next step of evalution in my scenery...

@ Oshyan
I tried to implement your given ideas.
So this picture comes with colour adjusted Dune's free grass patches, 2 canoes and a wet zone (I forgot some small PF breakup at the waters
Boulders are planned for the next step of evolution and maybe some leafs on the ground or a little debris here and there. But beforehand I have to model some stones, sticks, leafs...

But enough, here we go...

Lake Tahoe v.14

@ Dune
Thank you for your excellent hint! I took your given altitudes roughly as base.
I did it the way you told me. So do you have any recommendations regarding the water's edge?
As colour for the Gamma I took the average stone beach colour with a Gamma of 0.85.
As reflection colours I took the same colour, but slightly darker (high 0.8 and low 0.6).
(See picture below)

Wet Zone Settings (water level is at -150)

I have made a google resarch to look for references of beach wet zones before I setup my parameters but I am still not satisfied with my first wet zone but I have no idea, why it is this way?
Maybe more reflection or a little bit more patchy? A little bit darker or does it just depend on? Or am I just over critical?
How do you set up usually a wet zone?



lookin good to these eyes, cool canoe/kayaks...keep on tweakin man....I like your wet sand/shore effect myself but I'm colour blind heh heh heh
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something Blue.
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