True Scale 1x1 Meter Zone with Average Men 1.80m

Started by Stormlord, May 29, 2019, 06:03:50 PM

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After some testing comes another good reference scene for import/export smaller objects like stones, grasses, pebbles ect...
It's basically a true scale scene which I created to check and/or scale correctly imported objects from other software packages with ease.

It's easy to use, comes with a 1x1 meter array for precise scaling and combined with my Average Men Silhouette 1.80m you see instantly by comparison the proportions in relation to your object.
The scene is ready to go. Cameras are setup already inside the scene for usefull views from different angels. They have the height of the eyes above ground. So you will see what you get!
Just import your mesh, make a render and  you see immediately which proportions you have in front of you!

Basic True Scale Scene with 1x1 Meter Scale

Example of an imported and scaled stone for my Lake Tahoe scenery

Please allow me to note, that another deactivated average men is inside which lays on the ground.
This guy is intended for renderings from above (Top View, Top View Zoom). Just activate him and render your scene. So you can see the proportions from above also, very easy and  usefull too!



Some other average men poses can be downloaded here...,26521.0.html