New In The Shop: Torii Gates & Guzei Bridges by Asterlil

Started by DannyG, June 14, 2019, 10:10:23 pm

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Torii Gates by Asterlil
This package includes two Torii, or spirit gates. The inari torii consists of two pillars, while the miwa torii has two smaller wings, making four pillars. On the inari torii is the kanji for "Peace", while the miwa tori has the kanji Bu-Do, the way of martial arts (more generally, philosophy of warriorhood). The jpg and mask files are included for each kanji, and the files are offered in both OBJ and TGO format.

Guzei Bridges by Asterlil
A guzei is a specific sort of bridge: the red, arched bridge often found in Japanese gardens. Two bridges are offered here, with and without supporting pillars, in both TGO and OBJ format.


May look good nice with the procedural wood shaders.

Thanks for sharing.


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