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Started by dhavalmistry, November 01, 2007, 04:51:55 pm

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I prefer less commercial trance...more techno/underground...although in my vinyl collection I have some older psy/goa/tech/minimal trance and acid techno...

There's nothing commercial among the names and parties listed above, except for Armin or Ferry Corsten who do have hits in the charts from time to time. At those parties there's a lot of 'underground' and tracks you normally don't hear except when you're quite into the scene and it really has your interest.
I think by commercial you probably mean the more melodic trance with vocals sometimes, rather than earning big money with it?

yes you are right...I was assuming people would understand that! :)
although there are some aspects to the 'scene' that are 'commercial'....there are still loads of great artists about, both well known and unknown....check link below for the legendary 'free party' sound system collective....just one of many out there...these have been at it for 15 years!
on a harder techno tip!