PBR Metal Spheres

Started by Matt, June 30, 2019, 09:23:46 PM

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Here's an example project that uses PBR metal textures from cc0textures.com.

It uses the path tracer and robust adaptive sampling which works best in 4.4 and above. It should also render in 4.3, but 4.4 will be faster.

You will need to download the textures from here: https://cc0textures.com/view.php?tex=Metal05

You can read more about this PBR workflow here: https://planetside.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic,26658.msg265834.html#msg265834
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


The same scene with a higher sun altitude and exposure reset to 1:
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


This is fantastic Matt, thank you. Going to be great seeing it all visualized I'm actual settings in TG. Thanks a lot!


Excellent Matt. Thank you very much :)

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Thanks for putting this together, Matt!


Wow! Thanks a bunch for this Matt.
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Thank you, this will come in handy!


Thanks very much Matt...a handy/useful share
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The displacement amplitude was too high, causing hard edges in the lighting at the terminators.

Reducing the displacement amplitude to 0.003 gives this:
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


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Agura Nata

Thanks a lot!

I will test it :)
"Live and Learn!"

Agura Nata

TG 4.4
"Live and Learn!"

Agura Nata

"Live and Learn!"

Agura Nata

I think PBR is very good and I like to work with it, it would be nicer if the connections were a little easier in TG, like the Wrangler in Blender.
However, nothing beats the good old files generated by dear members here in the forum to generate the material.
This also works under unfavorable perspectives where PBR has to put up ;)
"Live and Learn!"

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