Getting shaders to be affected by slope - doesn't seem to work sometimes

Started by moodflow, December 31, 2006, 07:08:52 pm

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I've had some luck by doing this, it seems, wrongly.

I had a base layer which I made two colors, then a new surface layer where I added a image on the layer.
I added next a surface shader, fake rocks.

On the one, I see that I had no control over the rocks where they went, and it looks awkward to see them climb up one side, but I wasn't sure how to solve that. The second, there wasn't that problem.

Now I have tried it the correct way, but not with as good results as seen here. Making the color white didn't seem to help, but ticking turn off color did...

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Ok Guys, finally got it working!

Thanks to MoodFlow and Matt for the basic tgd and the comments about the distribution shader.

Wanna say that terragen 2 is soooo cool!! Thanks to all the developers/staff.

Added are a final full render and the tgd-file. I use a local stone-image in the image mapper so the tgd will give an error on loading. Just click ok and add ur own stone surface image.

Thanks all,