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Started by WAS, July 17, 2019, 05:21:15 pm

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I have a FBX I want to convert for TG for my collection, but strangely, it loads nothing into Blender when I import it. Not even any assets in the project view. But when I open the FBX with 3D viewer (win10 app) it loads fine. I've been using Blender to export for awhile now and can do all the formats I routinely come by, including FBX I regularly use (such as White Flower I just shared).

If there is another software I could try, let me know.

Object in question:
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Quote from: digitalguru on July 17, 2019, 08:25:52 pm
try this:

Thanks a bunch! Never seen this utility. I always liked little converter tools. I remember when "x2x" command line converters were all the craze.

Edit: I think that object may just be broken, I got it to work (it's huuuge), but it's canopy doesn't seem aligned right at all.

I will say this utility from autodesk is very nice, I recommend it.
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