Grandma's House

Started by luvsmuzik, August 06, 2019, 11:13:38 am

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Found this free "blue house" by Birdman at Birdman has some great stuff (cars too!) His models are mostly 3ds format, easy convert to obj in Blender or Anim8or, free 3d software modeler finally back in use.
Free whiteflower from forum File Sharing.
One of Dune's free grasses. Planetside free generic tree tgo.


Cool render, reminds me of a house we stayed in Summer 2017 in rural Quebec :)

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Don't know if this can be done or not but would really be cool if the sun could be positioned in such a way that glints of sunlight were visible on the edges of east-ward facing objects.


Nice - just beautiful :)

Curious if you go on with some detail work ;)


Oh wow, such a bright, relaxing image.

I'd just add a hint of a path leading up to the porch. ;) Maybe reduce grass size (squish) in that particular spot.
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