Valley and stream.

Started by mhaze, July 22, 2019, 05:01:39 am

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Just exploring rock shapes and textures. I've used both image maps and procedural textures which I shall continue to explore as there's lots of potential. There's lots that needs work but I'm not inspired by the basic architecture so I'm calling a halt here.


Nice setup anyway. I admit artifacts are hard to get rid of with strange displacements. Overlap or inside-out is imminent if you don't pay attention. It's always good to keep in mind that it's just a thin piece of skin that we're trying to fold the way we need it. No volumes.


Echo Ulco. Nice render...and I know the struggle with needles or stuff like this since i worked with Luc 's canyon...


You'd be shocked to by what nature creates that we find as erroneous displacement here in Terragen. Often I'll knit-pick both clouds and displacement, and take a walk through the woods (always interesting cliffy stuff and erratic boulders and stuff) and be immediately corrected by nature doing all sorts of absurd geometric shapes, even in clouds that I often pass up in seeds as (bad).

Granted, straight tears into the huge void that is a the planet is another story. lOl

The trick really, is mixing these types of noises with other noises, less noises, etc, to create a realistic continuity. When I find something interesting in nature, it isn't repeated over and over. :P

Agura Nata

Fractal, surreal, abstract, the main thing is not everyday like the bread roll with liver cheese from the sausage stand around the corner, although it is of course great that there are sausage stands without which the social bustle would come to a standstill ;)


Well done in any case...a good jumping off point for a new and better grab at the brass ring...
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