Write GI Cache for single frame atmosphere to use in animated water?

Started by annabelleserpentine, August 01, 2019, 02:38:32 pm

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I'm working on a 142-frame WS of an island. The only moving element in the scene is the water. I'm planning on rendering a single frame of the island/cloudscape to composite with the animated water. Does anyone know if it's possible to write a GI cache for a single frame of the atmosphere, to use for the entirety of the water animation? I have a really complex cloudscape-- therefor, getting high-quality GI information from the clouds is essential to the realism of the water. (I think? I've only been using tg for a few months!)


You can use a single GI cache for an entire sequence if you wish. It is a setting in the GI Cache blend mode selection, "One File (Exact Filename)". However cloud shading will still have to be recalculated per-frame, and if you are using v3 clouds (e.g. "Easy Clouds"), the GI is not cached anyway, as the GI cache only supports environment, atmosphere, and v2 cloud GI at present. So using a cache would be advised (for any animation), and it will ensure more stable lighting, but won't improve render time. I'm not sure if that was your hope.

- Oshyan