Xeon PHI support?

Started by dmobile1337, October 15, 2019, 06:52:24 pm

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I have a low end computer and paying for render farms to process my hobby still images is adding up.  If I were to grab a Xeon PHI and drop it in to my computer would Terragen be able to work with it or are there still NUMA support issues to work through?


I don't believe Terragen is NUMA aware considering it's 64 thread issue and ultimately suggested to run two copies.
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Correct, NUMA is not yet supported. Also as far as I know Phi required additional programming to actually get good performance, NUMA issues aside. Since it is a discontinued product it's not something we'll be supporting. But Phi cards don't look especially cheap anyway. Hopefully you can put that money toward a new machine instead, one of the new Ryzens ought to get you a nice bump in performance without a huge cost.

- Oshyan