Only a cake...

Started by DocCharly65, October 09, 2019, 04:10:25 am

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After some restructuring my home network, another deceased PC and other trouble I could render a little birthday pic for a friend just in time...

Based on the Starfleet Crisis Center and the meeting room I just added the cake on the table. The chocolate seems ok but the cherry is more a currant... why not? :)

The Slice of chocolate cake model by Nokersoek on Turbosquid but I completely retextured it.

Rebeccas Birthday Cake 191002 a.jpg

...don't panic... Airwolf still in the pipeline and this cake will appear, too :)


Tasty! (and very well done).

j meyer

;D Nice b-day pic.
C3PO and the coffee deco are cool ingredients.



something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


I'm sorry Doc, but I can't help wondering if maybe... the cake is a lie?  ;D

Truly though, a very fun little scene.

- Oshyan


Time and time again I am surprised by the indoor scenes done in TG.
Cool, as always!
CHeers, Klaus
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Thanks :)

Oshyan you surprise me again and again... is there any video game you don't know?  ;D
... but about your question: I'll have to do a critical interview with GLADIS to find out...
And you (AGAIN) let me have an idea - this time how to integrate one of my favorite VALVE games into my film ;)

Little explanation to the whole scene and what it has to do with the Airwolf scene:
In principle, everything refers to the "Magnum tracks the doc in the helicopter" scene. I'll change that a bit and here we now have "the admiral". He instructs the Airwolf team to assist Magnum and TC in tracking the shuttle.

Meanwhile it's about noon and I tried to animate the city scene with a high sun elevation.I wanted the city to look like a bit hazy but with basically clean air because of the hydrogen-driven environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Some shots from the animations:

The admiral needs much coffee while walking and thinking and walking and thinking... !

Clean but slightly humid air through the hydrogen conversion process:


View of the discussion between the Admiral and Kirk from the Enterprise


Another animation render job started this morning.

Some of the important discussions and conversations in the film will happen in this meeting room.
The room is designed as a kind of shrine commemorating some unfortunately deceased heroes from some of my favorite films.
And I thought it is appropriate to give "him" a bigger role this time than all the small cameos he had before...



The vakuum cleaner on the bridge is totally cool!



Great stuff again! Beginning to doubt the finalizing date, though.... :P


As always, I love the attention to detail! (the vacuum cleaner is indeed hilarious) The "clean but humid" city view is also really nice.

As for my knowledge of video games, if it's from 5+ years ago, then I probably know it. But I literally haven't played any games since then! So I'm unfamiliar with many like The Witcher sequels, etc.

- Oshyan

Agura Nata

Great works, wonderful stuff!
"Live and Learn!"


Thanks... and sorry, I told crap... The robot in Portal is of course called GladOS... (I found out while searching for a 3D model ;)  )

It must be my "Mannheimer" .. or what was that name of the disease in which you forget everything? ;)   ;D ;D

I hope to finish most animation renders this week. Meanwhile I purchased some actual recording and midi sequencer software to get the Airwolf scene mostly uncritical for copyright belongings.

My experiments with "Tracktion" were mostly sucessless. I needed 2 days just to get one single sound out of my PC with it.
After changing to Music Maker 2020 Premium Edition including Samplitude Music Studio 2019 I only needed some hours to finish the Midi basics... be continued ;)