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Started by Hetzen, October 09, 2019, 09:54:48 AM

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The intention of this section is to build a database of knowledge for each node in the functions category to help new and regular users.

We would like to encourage people to add their thoughts, questions and examples within each topic so that over time there will be a comprehensive go-to repository that users can look up easily.

For this to be as clutter free as possible, the ability to start new threads has been disabled, users should pose specific questions in the threads provided and moderators will then add any relevant new content to the first post.

This is a large undertaking and we would appreciate your participation in helping us make this section a success.

Many thanks

Hetzen (Jon)


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I really think this should be re-thought. Each question / topic / example should be under it's own topic. Especially with the fact Google is no longer indexing the forums, and the search feature doesn't work with keywording posts well and mostly goes after topic titles. Trying to query posts is hard because it just picks up the word used wherever, and not using phrase keying priority. So results are mostly irrelevant.