Get Altitude diagnostic tools

Started by Kevin Kipper, October 14, 2019, 07:44:16 PM

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Kevin Kipper

Hi Everyone,

I'm using this "Get Altitude" node set up to create masks for "favor rises" and "favor depression" type situations and had a few questions.

1. Is there a way to visualize the "smooth" version of the terrain.  The one that comes from the "Get Altitude" node, I believe.  Actually see that geometry, even if temporary; like to toggle back and forth?
2. Is there a way to know what the range of values are from the subtract scalar node?  Numerical values, not just by connecting its output to a density shader mask.
3. Does Terragen have any diagnostic or utility type tools for visualizing these kind of things?


Thanks for your help!



"Get altitude in texture" gives you the altitude of the "smooth" version of the terrain, and this comes from the most recent Compute Terrain node. You can visualise this terrain by adding a Surface Layer with "Smoothing effect" enabled and set to 1. That will remove all displacements since the most recent Compute Terrain node and show the same terrain that "Get altitude in texture" is seeing.
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