bubble base

Started by Dune, September 13, 2019, 01:53:15 AM

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Simple but sometimes useful; bubbles.


And another (maybe useful) pattern in blues.


In the Bubbles one is there a reason you have two "Voronoi 3D A vector" and not just plug it into both inputs of the Add node (or multiply x2) ?

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No reason. That might indeed work just as well. I merely (half-heartedly) looked for something I had in blues and came upon these 2. I may even have changed them on my normal working machine.


Thanks for posting these Ulco.

Richard is right, the second voronoi is doubling up the same noise. A multiply scalar will do the same thing, in fact it will allow you to multiply the height of the displacement as many times as you like.


Is it possible to get this is a .tgc file? I'd like to play around with these bubbles
Put that in your pipeline and smoke it!


These are extremely simple to build from the image, and the values are in the titles, so it's hardly necessary. But when I get to it, I will put them together.